Our summer was one giant battle of the sexes.  Mostly, it was Meems battling the fact that she's the only girl sandwiched between two boys.  Who really get along and play together and have similar interests.  That are, unfortunately, NOT interests she shares.  Although she tries.  Bless her heart, boxers just don't work on a girl.  Besides, she only wants the station wagons and the minivans when they play cars.  Which don't cut it on construction sites.  And, apparently, construction workers don't get mani/pedis over lunch break.  Despite her encouragement that it will make them feel better and their wives will LOVE it.

She was lucky to spend two weeks with some girl cousins.  And for two weeks, she had sisters.  For one of those weeks, there were even NO BOYS.

The sadness when they left...heartbreaking.  Because, despite her insistence that there might be a baby in my tummy (there's not) she's never going to have a sister.  Which breaks my heart too.

Today, walking to the bus stop, she was discussing our family dynamics of more boys than girls in our family of five plus a male dog which makes 4 boys and only two girls.  "But, that's OK, because I like having brothers."  She then shot me a look like "wait, what did I just say?"  Total shock.  And then a shrug as we walked on, her declaring with a sigh "It's true.  It can be a hard life, but I love them, even though they're always mean to me.  But sometimes they are nice.  Even though they're usually mean."

And then, she stopped dead in her tracks, looked at me very seriously, and said "unless you really DO have a baby in your tummy, even one you don't know about because God wants me to have a sister."

There's no sister growing in there.  I'm positive.  This is the way it is.  But, you'll love having brothers.

Especially if you can sell them on the mani/pedis....



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