Veggie Tales

There is corn growing in my car. 

No really, there is.  And not because my car is a mess, because it isn’t.  Really.  

My son brought home a corn plant he planted at school and I keep forgetting to take it out of the car.  There’s a cucumber plant too.  And maybe it’s not really that I’m forgetting, as much as I’m avoiding?  

What the hell am I going to do with a corn plant? 

Many of you will say I probably shouldn’t worry, as nothing seems to grow in our yard but weeds anyway.  It’ll be dead within a week.

But that’s not the way it works, my friends.  The corn will be the one thing that will grow.  And I will have a solitary superstar corn plant growing among the bushes and groundcover I have planted to try to overtake the weeds.  

It's too late to plant a full-on vegetable garden, and I don't even begin to imagine where we might put it.

And we live on a corner.  With no fence, so we’re totally exposed, front and back yard, from every angle coming and going.  So it’ll look weird. 

But, my son is so very proud and excited about it, and as a mom, that makes me excited about it too.  We have plans to plant it this weekend.  Probably right next to the screened-in porch, because it's sunny there all day long and that seems to be the best place.  It's either there, or in the front yard, among the azaleas or in one of the window boxes.  Which will just not look good.  

Its location will allow us to enjoy it on the approach to our house from the entrance to our neighborhood, the approach from the the back side of the house, but especially from the comfort of our porch.  That will be nice.  So while we sit with our mint juleps, enjoying the spring weather, we can monitor its progress.  Until one day, we glance over and...

"Oh looky!  Dinner!"

At the very least, it's an adventure waiting to be embarked upon, as is anything we plant in our yard.  Sunflower seeds?  Fail.  Wildflowers?  Nope.  At least these plants are already growing.  They still stand a chance.

Ok, well, my future farmer is tugging at me.  He's ready.  He's excited to eat his yummy veggies (except he doesn't like corn or cucumbers, so I'm not really sure what he's so excited about).  But he's very into the whole farm-to-table movement.  

Just kidding.  He's 5.  But I'm curious. 

So, veggies, here we come!


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