It Worked!

Lawd have mercy.  I never thought I'd see the day!

Little Meems is outside playing with her brother and a neighbor.  Apparently, there was a bit of a disagreement???  I use question marks because I walked outside to get something, to find Little Meems on her way inside to me.

"Mommy, we were playing, and..."  I held up my hands, said "I don't want to hear it, work it out amongst yourselves."

"OK," as she did a 180-degree turn to report back to the boys.  As they came around the corner to plead THEIR cases, she corralled them and redirected them back into the yard, saying "she doesn't want to hear it.  Let's work this out."  I admit, I listened for a bit to see if a backyard brawl would ensue, and soon enough, I heard screaming.


And, now, of course, I'm DYING to know what the whole thing was about.  But I won't ask.  Because that would defeat the purpose.  And it's the principle of the thing.  And I accomplished one of my goals in life, however fleeting that victory may be.  Because it WILL be fleeting.

And because I really don't want to know, I'm sure.  Or do I??


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