Holla Yuya

Is what Little Meems says, because she apparently CAN’T say Halleluiah.  Even though she’s almost 8, there are still some things that just get rolled around in her mouth like marbles. 

Last night at the dinner table, the kids were being silly and telling stories.  And for some reason she started shouting Halleluiah!  I don’t remember why.  These are MY kids, remember?  Who knows why they do some of the things they do.  They’re weird sometimes.

Anyway, the same little girl who coined the word "chub" as in "Mommy, you're really chubbin' that corn down" has coined a new family phrase, just in her sheer inability to enunciate correctly.  

I think, in her case, things just get a little garbled between her head and her mouth.  Which is the indication, as it turns out, of a larger issue, but the up side is it's brought us a new family vernacular.  

For example:
Holla, yuya!  Because I aksded you to.  And for that, you get a gif tercificate to Chick-Fur-Lay.  Where, if you want, you can get fried or girled chicken.  To chub.  Because your marvin is starvin.  

Let's get ON the ship! (totally untranslatable -- it means "let's get this show on the road!")

Holla yuya!


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