So, here I am, another Thursday afternoon spent waiting.  For various & sundry kid-centered activities.  Why, what did you think?

Seeing as I now am the owner of a new smartphone, I am seriously getting things done. It's powered by a droid thingy (cute 'lil r2d2 looking thingy that occasionally pops up) which apparently is good.  I just love that I can access all my important-ness, all the time.  Because I know I'm important even if you don't.

See?!!  I'm even able to write this blog, although the going is slow.  Because I'm all thumbs!  Get it?  It's a little texting/tiny little phone keyboard humor.  You know, because you have to use your thumbs?


Feeling super connected to my life right now.  Until I look down & see my boys playing in the floor.  Wow, between work & running around, I haven't seen them all day.  And here I sit.  And there they sit.

And suddenly it hits me...I'm not connected at all.

Soooo, I'm off to get connected.

Besides, my thumbs are KILLING me.


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