My 5-year-old has been full of interesting tidbits today.  This morning, he recited to me a nursery rhyme he learned in school.

"Jack be noodle, Jack be stiff, Jack run over hug me quick."

Um, OK.

Earlier, he told a piece of fabric he was trying unsuccessfully to cut "come here you stupendous thing...don't make me hurt you."


And a little while ago, he told me "Mommy, you know what's a funny word?  Coccyx."  He then asked "Daddy has one of those, right?"

Um, yes.  Not sure where he's going with this and whether or not I should be alarmed.

Now he's telling his imaginary friend to "get your coccyx in the bathroom and wipe the pee off the seat!"

Wonder where he's heard that?

Props to the kid for using it correctly.  I think I need to borrow that one.


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