I'm a day short of one year since I last posted.

Pleas from embarrassed teenagers made me hit pause; unexpected life events and lots of raw feelings prevented me from unpausing.  I took the time to evaluate, and in typical Jennifer fashion, re-evaluate, then re-evaluate again.

I received an email that unless I renewed my domain name, littlemeems would be lost.  Gone, poof! Just like that.

I started this little blog almost 10 years ago.  It's been my way of documenting my stories, my memories, my feelings.  My kids might not have completed baby books and photo albums, but they have my words and my heart repeatedly spilled out on the pages of this little blog.  This blog is mine, it's for me, and it's also for them. 

Kids, I promise I'll do my best to not embarrass you.  I hope you'll read these stories one day and realize that was never my intent.  I've learned a lot about myself on these pages, and a lot about you as well. 

And someday I hope you will too. 

Happy anniversary to me! 


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