Happy Stupid Valentine's Day, II

You would think I am asking him to stick toothpicks in his nail beds.

You would think he is being forced to eat bugs. 

I think he'd rather eat bugs. 

You might wonder if I'm making him hug his sister and tell her how special and wonderful she is. 

It's Valentine's Day. So, pretty much almost as bad.  

They're Valentines. All he has to do is fold them and address them. I bought them. Sports for boys, glitter for girls. 

But here he is, sitting in the floor, actually doing them.  And he's not complaining!  Although when I told him to get the class list so he could address them, he leveled his best "yeah right" look at me. Whatever. Truthfully I feel like I'm dying so I can't even bring myself to care. 

I used to be Pinterest mom. I used to be more invested than this. And then I tried to Pinterest Valentines for 3 kids and found myself waaaay more invested than I ever planned. As in having your husband yell at you for having spent what?!?! 

This is my last year for class valentines. I am not sad. At all. 

Neither is a certain 11 year old boy. 

Happy (stupid) Valentine's Day!


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