That Ikea Commercial

Last weekend I got to spend the day with this guy. 

Anyone else get little heart flutters when you look at your child?  

As we talked, I became distracted by his little baby face and all the freckles, the little button baby nose, the little baby lips and his green eyes.  I decided I needed to capture the moment with this photo. 

Except when I looked at it, I didn't see a baby at all.  It caught me completely off guard. What I saw was every bit a 10 year old.  

How can this be?

I saw a kid who's almost done with elementary school. A kid that wants to be an animal rescuer and legit rapper/music producer when he grows up, a boy who has had a crush on the same girl for 3 years and made a game saving tackle in last week's game. 

I looked back at him. Baby. 

I looked at the photo again. Sure enough, just as I feared, a tween smirked back at me. 

My kids think I'm crazy with how much I love them. But I am. It's true. They're right. 

That night I saw that IKEA commercial - you know, the one with the mom taking her young son shopping for his first apartment?  Except, he's probably in his early 20s and you realize that you just saw him the way she still does. And always will. 

That's me. I am her. That's how I see them. 

And always will. 


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