In a Split Second...

...everything can change.

Yesterday, one of my son's teammates injured his neck in their lacrosse game.

Watching a child go down, having to call 911, standing by as parents who are medically trained assess him and keep him immobile, helplessly waiting as the paramedics strap him to a gurney and rush him to a trauma center, witnessing the fear and panic on his father's face...

It seemed like a simple fall.

I hugged my W extra hard this morning.  Gave him a few more kisses.  An entire weekend spent on the sidelines watching your children do what they's a gift.  A true blessing.  Yesterday was a reminder not to complain, not to take for granted that there will be a next time.  Yesterday it all could have ended for one family, their lives irreversibly changed in the blink of an eye.

It could have been my child.  It could have been yours.

The boy will be OK, thank God.

This life is precious.  Childhood is fleeting.

Hug your babies.  Embrace the chaos.  Relish the early mornings and long drives and freezing temperatures.

One day, you won't need to do that any more.  Enjoy it while you can.

Because one day could be tomorrow.


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