Amazing Grace

You know what’s amazing?

My daughter’s kindness.

Her compassionate heart.

Her capacity for forgiveness.

It just blows me away.

Not long before school ended, we received a call from her teacher about an incident in her classroom in which a classmate had sad something unkind about Little Meems while she was working. She did not hear it, but was informed about the comment by her best friend, who is very protective of her. The situation, I was assured, had been dealt with accordingly and her teacher spoke with her about it and she seemed a little hurt, but was holding it together. She thought I would want to know.

Of course I asked her about it when she got home, and after some pressing, she told me what happened. I asked her how she felt, she said she was surprised and a little hurt. But she was bummed that the child had to miss recess because of it, and was a little perturbed that when she told him goodbye at the end of the day, he didn’t say it in return!

That’s what upset her.

I explained that he was probably embarrassed and possibly caught off guard by the fact that she would even bother to speak to him after what had happened.

“But he’s my friend,” she defended with a shrug. Because, why wouldn’t she still be kind to him?

Would YOU have been? I don’t know that I would have. I would have been too angry/bewildered/hurt/embarrassed to acknowledge him.  

But that’s my girl.

That's her heart.

I learn something from my children every day.  That day, I learned about grace.

How blessed is she?

How blessed am I?

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