Budding Entrepreneur or Just Plain Boy?

Last week, my son spent $5 on a pair of his friend’s shoes.  They are too small for the friend (he must have had a growth spurt since I saw him a couple weeks ago – not entirely impossible at this age).  They are also straight-up hideous.  Some sort of shiny, plastic-y, aluminum-y basketball shoes.  KD 11th generation (#idon’tknowwhati’msaying) or something.  Seriously, I think they’re made of plastic.  And they were insanely expensive.  Plastic.  They’re my son’s new “play” shoes.

His friend spent $1 on a pair of the same friend’s outgrown shoes.  Think he got a bargain?  Think again – one of the shoes was missing its sole.  As in, it was detached.  Said friend plans on Gorilla Gluing it back on.  Or something.  I can only imagine his mom’s reaction when he got home.

Interestingly enough, the next day a coworker of mine sought me out to consult on whether 13 year old boys are all so…out there.

I assured her that in my experience they were.  However, I have only experienced one (and by proxy a few of his friends) and therefore I am not necessarily an expert.  Mine is still very much “boy” versus “young man” although we are getting there.  Mostly I pray every night he will survive the day with all his bones, and his shoes, intact.  I figure if he can manage those two things, everything else is gravy.  We go through casts and shoes at an alarming rate.  And now I'm thinking I might be off the hook with this new purchase...at least for a while.

Today his friend texted him to see if my son had any shoes he wanted to get rid of.  Is this a thing?  He texted pics of the shoes he bought last week.  More texts were exchanged that mostly contained words like “sweet” and “dude” and “idk” and “ya” and he told his friend he’d sell them for $20.  To which his friend said “$10” and the transaction was complete.  He made $5.

Ya, dude.  Sweet.

I’m not sure where this transaction will take place – school?  If it takes place at all (Momma might put the kibosh on it, if she’s anything like me.  Scratch that, I actually let him buy the stupid things.)

The newly minted business man is now pondering his next venture.  In the meantime, he’ll be at Dick’s purchasing a (just one - $5 only goes so far) lacrosse ball with his earnings.

Because boys.

Well, because my boy.


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