Happiness Is...

A quiet house with just me in it.  Snow days, teacher work days, sick days, holidays...I think this is the first week since Christmas that I actually have a day off to myself.  I have some work to do, bills to pay, a workout to work in, laundry and bathrooms to clean, but it's just me.  Alone.  Bliss.

A sweet, warm puppy snuggled at my feet.

A full 2nd cup of coffee enjoyed while I catch up on my daily reading, instead of on the fly.

Mani-pedis with my favorite girl yesterday.  Every nail on my right hand is messed up now, but it's worth it.  

A child who likes to see the glass half-full.  To her, my nails are kinda' smooth instead of kinda' bumpy.  Love her heart.

Tooth moving progress in my oldest child's mouth.  The end of braces is (hopefully) in sight.

The smell of freshly showered babies.  Even though they're not babies anymore, I love the smell of just cleaned kids.  And they'll always be my babies.

Well mannered children.


Listening to my 9-year-old play the drums.  

Watching your child find his passion and fearlessly pursue his dreams.

The opportunity to gather my thoughts and get them down.

In a lovely, quiet house ;).


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