Goodbye Summer

Hello school bus. Hello homework.  Hello list of 789 mandatory school supplies.

Hello sports.  Hello alarm clock.  Hello lunchboxes (I really hate you).

Hello school friends.

Hello forms.  T, here are 6 for you, Meems there are 12 for you and Will, I think you have these two.
Hello Will calling from the school letting me know I forgot some forms that he needs right this minute.

Hello Will calling from the school letting me know I need to pick him up on my way home from work.

Hello conversation readdressing his case that he needs his own phone so he won’t have to use the office phone because the office closes before his practice ends.  He may actually have a case this time.

Hello lacrosse and football and cheerleading and cross country practices.  Hello games and meets. Hello drum lessons and cheer clinics.  Meems is working hard on her back walkovers.

Hello “me” time.  I’ve missed you.

Hello fundraisers.  Hello PTA memberships (why do I have to rejoin you every year?).  Hello spirit wear.  Hello school stores.  Hello gym uniform.  Hello locker rental, goggle rental, chromebook rental and yearbook fee.  Hello class party fund.

Goodbye money.

Goodbye evenings.  Goodbye weekends.

Goodbye family dinners eaten at a normal hour with all 5 of us.

Goodbye sleeping in.

Goodbye pool.

Goodbye lazy, hazy summer days.

Goodbye babies.  Time marches on, and so they do as well, off to the 7th, 5th and 3rd grades. Another two months and I’ll have a teenager.

Goodbye my loves.  I'll be here when you get home.  Love you.

Goodbye summer.  Until we meet again…


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