Seven is such a great age for children (and after having 3, I think I can authoritatively declare this).
They’re big but still little.  Mature but still babyish.  Independent yet still snuggly.  
Precious and darling and delicious.

I feel like 7 is that magical year they start to discover all their possibilities.  When they begin to truly formulate their own opinions, when they’re eager to try everything.  And learn about everything.  And do everything.  Seven's enthusiasm is unmatched.  
It is magic.  

It’s the year they start to understand and appreciate your humor.  The year they begin to develop their own style and their own way of doing things.  I feel like 7 is the year they truly begin to interact with you on a more advanced level, having more actual conversations and exchanging thoughts.  It's the year you start to truly "get" each other.

I love 7. 

I have 2 more months of 7.  

And I plan to enjoy every little second of it.


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