Happy Monday

I took a break.  I seem to that over the summer.  You'd think that, with school letting out, things would be calmer.


My friend recently Facebooked that she's got to get over the idea that Summer Break is truly a "break."  Truth, sister.

While we ARE enjoying a break from school (and SOL madness, honestly I couldn't hate anything more), it occurs to me that it's already the end of July and I don't know where the summer has gone.  Between swim team, lacrosse tournaments, summer programs, work and travel, it's been a busy (but fun) summer.  A happy summer.  And, as I reflect on summer thus far, it's making this Monday most happy too.

Happy Monday!
5th Grade Graduation...OMG

A weekend in Williamsburg.

It's hot.  There's no shade.  And I have been watching lacrosse for 8 solid hours.
Not happy.  3 game loss.
When kids are bored, they take pictures with  your phone.  Sometimes, they turn out quite nicely.
A little fun to cap off the weekend.
Because every 9 year old needs a beer mug hat.

Beach fun with cousins.

New adventures.

Lots of this.

Conquering fears.
And sometimes just conquering.
Gosh I love this kid.
How T does breakfast.
Always smiling.


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