Teacher Tendencies

Love, love, love reading with my babies at night.  Well, the younger two.  Will is usually off on his own reading in  his room, which I also love.  The kid who spends most of his time either playing sports or watching them needs an escape to a faraway place, and isn't that what books do?

Our routine goes like this:  Tate goes to bed first, so we usually (time permitting) snuggle and read two books -- either The Polar Express, his Superhero series, or Alexander books (you know...terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day).  He sits on my lap and wraps my arms around him.  It's just what I need after the end of a long day.  He's still my baby and I usually get a few squeezes and a couple kisses in there.  When he's in bed, it's Little Meems' turn.

Part of her homework each night is to read to us for 20 minutes.  Other than struggling with some of the words and getting distracted by some of the pictures, she's a beautiful reader.  And lately, she's begun to take her reading up a notch.

By reading as though she's a teacher.

Lots of animation, and hand flourishes, and slow head shakes, and licking her finger to turn the page.  And lots and lots of pauses for effect and for the benefit of her "class."

It takes forever to get through a book, but I love it.  I love watching her and remembering how she used to switch back and forth between reality and fantasy so easily when she was little.  She doesn't do that much anymore and I've found myself missing her cute, chubby little toddler days.  And her little girl ways that are becoming more and more rare as she grows up.

She spends a lot of her play time switching between being a mom and being a teacher, and sometimes she's both.  And I know one day, if that's her path, she will be an excellent teacher, and an excellent mother and if she combines the two...

...well, then, watch out world.


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