Playing God

Today, I took the life of my oldest son into my own hands.

I feel strong, though.  I'm certain I have made the proper decision, despite what my critics might think.  Sometimes, we moms simply need to trust our instincts.  I would do anything for that kid...

...except let him wear shorts to school today.

Granted, it's 64 degrees right now.  It, however, is January and therefore it is not shorts weather.

He is certain he is going to die today of sweat.  He told me so.  Of course, he is wearing a double layer Under Armor sweatshirt, and he has no plans of removing it, I'm sure.  "Coat" my hiney.  That's his way of getting to wear it every a jacket.  Clever.  Especially since this is the kid who never wants to wear one.

He told me he doesn't appreciate me taking chances with his life.  I told him I was willing to take that risk.  If he needed me to pick him up from school today in a bucket, we would cross that bridge when we came to it.  If he dies, it's on my head.

I waved him goodbye, he shot  me a dirty look.  I got the silent treatment all morning.  I didn't mind.  Ah, the sacrifices we moms make.

Pray for us.  Pray that he won't perish in a tragic melting accident.  Pray that, if he does, I have the strength to go on.  Pray that I can be a solace to other mothers whose children have also melted...melted because they wore pants.

Meems has claimed his room.  I told her she's jumping the gun.

He's a good kid.  I sure will miss him.


Stacey Todd Peters said…
This exact situation has occurred all week in my house with my 10-year-old son. He tried to bargain that he would wear a turtleneck, fleece, and wintercoat -- just for the chance to wear shorts. Like your son, he's dying of the heat!
Stacy, I finally broke down the other day and let him wear shorts. It was 72 outside, so I figured...what the heck. I think I won Mother of the Year that day!

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