I Plastic Wrapped My Son

Words I never dreamed I'd say.

I had to.  T has a broken foot and a cast that goes from his toes to his knee.  It was pouring this morning as the boys were eating breakfast.  The cast must stay dry because insurance doesn't cover the waterproof ones and I'm too cheap to fork over the moola to get one.  Considering this kid is on his third cast in under 2 years, I think we might want to rethink this whole "college fund" thing for him and use it to cover his health insurance instead.

So, like I said, the cast must stay dry.  My husband took the plastic bag the newspaper comes in with him to my daughter's appointment.  That left big Target bags, a smaller but noisy WalMart bag, or a Talbot's bag I scrounged up.  From a mother's perspective, it's the clear winner, as it is a very thick plastic with a nice drawstring.  

Not acceptable.  Too big, too noisy, too thick.  Clearly, he doesn't get it.

So, in a moment of sheer genius, I broke out the clear plastic wrap.  And wrapped up his leg like a mummy.  

Except anyone who has ever used clear plastic wrap knows that it doesn't really stick.  So out came the Glad Press 'N' Seal.  That stuff is magic.  Seriously, changed my life.  

Press 'N' Seal wrapped around the cast forms a waterproof barrier, hugs the cast with no embarrassing bulges and stays put.  Even T is amazed!  Until he discovers that I inadvertently Press and Sealed him to the chair.  

Further proof of how well it works.

Covered with a sock, no one knows his little secret.  Little T can save face among his Kindergarten buds and be the cool dude he is.  I am a hero this morning.

And, as it turns out, an unlikely spokesperson for Glad Press 'N' Seal


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