Bad Mom Award?

Last night, I was folding laundry in the family room while watching Ant Farm on Nickelodeon.

Sadly, my life has come to this.

It's no Good Luck Charlie, that's for sure.  However, it is heads and shoulders superior to Pair of Kings.

The laundry.  So, I'm folding and I find a pair of underwear.  Boxer briefs, to be specific.  Holding them up, I realize how tiny they are.  And that I have no idea whether they are my 9 year-old's or my 5 year-old's.  Yes, the 9 year old is that skinny.

"Whose are these?"

Meems giggling, because what's funnier than your brother's tiny underwear?  Of course, I couldn't resist adding something about "whose cute little teeny buns go in here?"  And then I danced them around in the air a little bit.

W:  "They're T's."
T:  "They're not MINE."
W:  "Well, you can have them.  They'll fit you."
T:  Eyes lighting up with glee.  "I can HAVE them?!"

I know, a little pathetic.  But, apparently, exciting nonetheless.

So, as my oldest has now confided in me that he really only likes to wear boxers, not boxer briefs because he likes the circulation (?), I passed all the little teeny boxer briefs down to his brother.  Which gives me an opportunity to throw away the hand-me-down Cars and Toy Story underwear that T currently sports.

It occurs to me, as I make these piles:  is this just WRONG?  Hand-me-down underwear?  Honestly, I'm not sure the poor kid has ever worn underwear that wasn't a hand-me-down.  But it's perfectly good underwear! Surely I'm not the only mom who's done this?   I mean, it's clean!  And the boys go through underwear like crazy, so there's tons of it so as to minimize the frequency with which I have to do laundry.  It's not like they CHANGE their underwear that often, it gets squirreled away in unusual places (instead of walking it to the laundry shoot) because they're lazy, then they can't find any underwear to wear.  Except under the mattress or tucked in the Lego bin on the bookshelf.  Which is not clean.  Or maybe it is, who can remember?  But it's all you've got, so you're going to have to wear it.  

Yes, maybe a little sad.  Today might be a good day to go out and buy him his very first set of non-worn underwear.

He'll be so excited!


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