Little Meems never ceases to amaze me.  True, she is a little girl full of contradictions, and consequently, full of surprises.

But I don't know that I've ever known another child with such a capacity for love.  Genuine, honest love.  And she'll give it freely, if you let her.

Let her.

She is a sister so excited because her brother is getting his cast off.  She is a daughter who will compliment you on how pretty you look, or how handsome you are.  She is a friend who is worried about you when you get sick on the bus.  She gives compliments freely, and often.  And she means it.  She will pick you up when you fall.  And fret over your tears.  And kiss your booboos.  The victories of the ones she loves are her victories too.  And when you're sad, her heart hurts.  And she'll encircle you in her little spindly arms and stroke your hair and hold you until you can hold yourself again.

If you're lucky enough to be loved by her, you're luckier than you know.  If you're lucky enough to love her, then you already know how lucky you are.

Little Meems, when she was little


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