Back to School - How WE Roll

I knew it.

I knew we wouldn't make the first day of school without something happening.  Last year, Little Meems face planted two days before school and had dark, bruisy circles under both eyes.  The year before that, she got hit in the cheekbone with a baseball.  The next day she and her brother fell out of a hammock.  She suffered a scraped up cheek (the other side), and somehow during the falling process managed to give her brother a black eye as he landed on her.  The year prior, I vaguely remember a fat lip. 

This is how we do back-to-school at MY house.  You could say it's become a family tradition.  Mangle yourself as much as possible before school starts so that you can re-pre-sent the family.

My reaction has evolved from overwhelming empathy (poor little honey!) and horrible embarrassment (what people must think!), to "what the hell," not again" and "oh for the love of george!"

This year, so far (we still have 4 days to go, so the status could change), it's a sprained foot (at least we think it's just sprained...a few days will reveal all) and poison ivy pocked private parts (because who can resist a wizz in the woods).  All on one kid!

Way to start third grade, son!  At the very least, it will not be a first day easily forgotten.  Or maybe we should spend some extra time and elbow grease erasing that one from the annals of back-to-school history. I cannot imagine his teacher is going to be too keen on applying calamine to his itchy unmentionables.  She seems like a nice lady and all, but we all have our limits.

There are still 2 more kids!  And there's still more than enough time for calamity to strike.  In the words of the wise and beautiful Jon Bon Jovi -- wait, what was I saying?  I got a little distracted by the tight jeans and the chiseled jaw.  Oh yeah, living on a prayer.

The G kids, putting the "oooooo" in back to schoooool.  Hey, that's just how we roll.


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