8 Years Ago Today...

...my precious little miracle baby was born.

Time goes by so fast.

8 years ago, we were worried about buckling him into his carseat -- now I'm worried about him not being buckled into one.

8 years ago, he stopped crying and opened his eyes to look at me when I told him hello for the first time. Now he rushes out of the car to meet his school friends without even a goodbye.

8 years ago, he had chubby little cheeks. Today, he's all limbs and head, but he still has the cheeks.

8 years ago, he had a dusting of auburn hair, rosy cheeks and full rosebud lips. He was a beautiful baby. Today his hair is an out-of-control mop, but it's still auburn. Same little rosebud lips and cheeks. That beautiful baby has turned into a very handsome boy.

8 years ago, the doctors informed us that he had a birth defect that would require surgeries and years of monitoring, despite the fact that it was mild. To me, he was perfect. 8 years later, all is well and corrected and normal. And he's still perfect.

8 years ago, all he wanted to do was snuggle and be held. Now I'm lucky if I can get a hug a week.

8 years ago, he changed the world of so many people. That day, parents and grandparents were born. Great grandmas were born. And great great grandmas. Who knew then that such a little thing could turn so many worlds upside down?

8 years ago, I fell head over heels in love. 8 years, and counting.

Happy Birthday to my precious son.


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