It's Not Shamich, It's Shamich!

My 7-year-old son told me he needed some "prahbacy" this morning. "Privacy" for all you regular, non 7-year-old folk.

I started thinking about all the funny things they say when they're little and trying to figure out big words, just like they're trying to figure out the big world in which those big words live.

Fridgerfridger = refigerater
libulit = little bit
wuuuun minee = one minute
nahwynowinaminah = not right now, in a minute (it took us a REALLY long time to figure this one out)
i'm noying you = either "i'm annoying you" or "i'm ignoring you" - not sure which
bemember? = remember?
in a wipe = in Hawaii

The summer before Will started Kindergarten, he suddenly became very smart. Therefore, he felt compelled to share his sudden sophistication and intelligence with his far less worldly younger sister. In his newly found infinite wisdom, he condescended to correct her speaking on a regular basis.

My favorite examples:
She, as many kids do, said "shamich" instead of "sandwich." One day I walked in on Will correcting her, as (to her credit) she tried very earnestly to say it the way he was instructing.
Him: "It's not shamich, it's shamich!"
Her: "shamich"
Over and over. He had lost his teeth in front and didn't realize he said his "s" like "sh." Nevermind he was trying to say "samich," which is still wrong. Poor little girl was so confused.

One night I took them to Burger King for dinner. Excitement abounded in the back seat, and Meems, unable to contain herself, shouted with glee "I so cited we going to Burger Game!"
Will, with the air of exasperation that became all too familiar that summer, corrected her.
"It's not Burger GAME, it's Burger KEEM."

Oh worldly little one, I hope school can handle your beautiful mind.


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