More than anything, I want to raise children who are confident, independent, gracious people. I want them to be able to think for, and do for, and be themselves.

But sometimes I feel like I might not succeed in that mission.

If I hear one more "huh"? Sometimes I think I talk just to hear myself talk. And I'm starting to hate the sound of my own voice.

And the "doing things for themselves" part just confounds me. How is it that my 3-year old can get himself changed and ready for bed by himself, but he can't walk down the stairs because his legs aren't working? How can my 6-year old know all the words to "American Pie", yet can't get herself buckled in the car seat? How can my 7-year-old NOT know how to brush his hair or wipe his mouth? This is the same kid who rides his adult-sized mountain bike. WITHOUT HANDS.


Case in point. My husband is out of town, and I let the kids take turns sleeping in my bed with me. They're not allowed in the bed otherwise, so it's a real treat, apparently. Well, they fight over it, if that means anything. But it probably doesn't because they fight about EVERYTHING, including whose eyes are the most closed when they're sleeping (?). Anyhoo, my daughter slept with me last night. At one point she woke me up because she was cold and wanted me to cover her.


Later, after a bath, I ask her to towel dry her hair a little and she says "with what?" I've been towel-drying her hair since she had any, and granted she doesn't have the history with hair that most children her age have, but still! A. TOWEL.


And get this! I'm cleaning up the kitchen while the boys watch a movie in the family room. My oldest is sitting on the sofa, and all the remotes are on the coffee table IN ARM'S REACH and he asks me to hit play.


Where, oh where have I gone wrong dear Lord? Is this my cross to bear for a previous sin? I repent, I repent!!!

I suppose, Mom and Dad, if you're reading this you're getting another good chuckle at my expense. I'm glad you find all this so highly entertaining, and I take comfort in the knowledge that one day that privilege will be my own.

Until then, "seriously???" pretty much sums up the next 15 years for my husband and me. Or so I think.

I can't get my parents to stop giggling long enough to give me a straight answer.


carrie said…
I love it! And it's so well scripted, I feel like I'm there! You should have given MC a toothbrush when she asked "with what?" just to puzzle her!

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