New Year's Resolutions

Well, I'm a little late on this, but no one who knows me would really be surprised. Each year, my resolutions include being more organized, better at correspondence and communicating in a more timely fashion. So far this year, I'm 0 for 3. So, that got me thinking, what about my other resolutions?

After much thought, I've decided to up the ante on my resolutions. Organized, communicative and timely aside, I thought about all the OTHER things that go unmentioned. Things I need to work on.

Which got me thinking even more (and I really don't have time to think, so I'm probably neglecting my kids with all this thinking -- make that resolution #4 -- think less) about resolutions. Because aren't they really just...true confessions? I mean, listing organization as my resolution is a roundabout way of admitting I'm a mess, isn't it? And if we label it as "true confession" doesn't that give us the ability to just come clean? Who doesn't like the thought of that? I do. Maybe it's that I've always been envious of Catholics -- I mean, they get to confess their naughtiness anonymously and feel better.

Well, I guess there's True Confession #1. And so here we go.

  1. I'm a flake. Always have been. That explains the three things listed in the first paragraph.
  2. I don't like gossip, as a rule, but I can't help succumbing to its powers occasionally.
  3. I still tell little white lies sometimes. Now, I value honesty. I really do. But sometimes those little babies are unavoidable.
  4. I still cross my fingers when I tell them.
  5. I see nothing wrong with buying a tub of cookie dough and never making the first cookie.
  6. I raise my voice at my children more than I would like to (which, of course, would be never).
  7. I don't necessarily believe that "money can't buy you happiness." Big picture (family, friends, contentment, love) -- no, it can't. Smaller picture (being able to pay the bills without holding your breath, replacing the sofa when it's threadbare instead of trying to cover it, not having to make a choice between which child gets sports/music/art lessons this time...) -- totally yes.
  8. I need to speak up more.
  9. I really am a mess. My poor husband...
  10. I am snarky sometimes. And judgemental. And critical. I believe that sometimes it's the only way to move on from a hurtful situation. Think about it. When you've been hurt, which works better, the "I'm OK, I'm the best I can be, I'm a beautiful strong person" approach? Or "You're a freak, your teeth are big and you need to pluck your eyebrows." Just as long as you're not like that ALL the time.
Whew, I feel so much better coming clean about my faults. Maybe my newfound honesty will actually help me overcome them this year.

Or, there's always next year.


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